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It’s Friday morning, and not just any Friday morning but the last day of term. Before clinic starts I check my email. It's not uncommon for a patient to email me their most recent blood results or with a query about their medication.

"Academic Psychiatry? What's that?"

I’ve heard my fair share of prejudicial comments about my chosen specialty, from those who should know better. “You do realise that you will become mentally ill? I’ve seen it happen” (a registrar while I was a medical student). “But you care so much about your patients!

Brave Bodies, Battered Souls

“Can we do this without letting anyone know? I just want outpatient rehab.” Mr. A was only 33, had served the United States Army in Afghanistan twice over 5 years. The glum light in the eyes defeated his intimidating physique.

Healing the Mind versus Healing the Soul

This question sounds abstract and naïve. Yet it was one that brought me all the way from Kathmandu to Boston. Medical school is usually a place of abundant exuberance and inquisitiveness. Every medical question seems to have an answer and there is always a little more to know than we can read.

A crusade against mental illness by Himmatrao Saluba Bawaskar MD

In a special guest blog, physician Dr Himmatrao Saluba Bawaskar writes about his experiences with mental health problems as a medical student, and how these affected his life and career.